Air Conditioning

A central home cooling and heating system is a critical component in any home or office. In our hot and humid Southern weather, dependable AC equipment supplies homeowners with an abundance of cool, conditioned and dehumidified air.

Central air conditioners have a multitude of high-tech components including circuit boards, motors, coils, an expansion valve, fans, relays, contactors and a compressor. While these parts are built to last, they are subjected to a substantial amount of stress as summer temperatures begin to rise. The majority of air conditioners break down on hot and humid days when HVAC contractors have their heaviest workload. While a lack of communication with the service provider can be frustrating and expensive, you will never feel stranded when you call AC's Heating & Air. We are always available. Last year, we did not leave one customer without help or AC repair, even on our busiest days!

An unexpected emergency repair can be avoided by adhering to a strict preventative maintenance schedule.