Ac's Heating & Air LLC has learned that taking preventative measures, costly repairs can often be avoided as well as large expenses being saved.

We recommend our HVAC preventive maintenance agreement to keep the efficiency of your home comfort system lasting for many years. By having a preventative maintenance contract with Ac's Heating & Air LLC, you'll know that your heating and air conditioning system will run smoothly and efficiently without the high risk of a untimely breakdown.

Seasonal Heating and Air Conditioning Tune-ups

On each preventative maintenance visit we will perform several tests and inspections of your system such as the following: But not all listed

Heating Season

Heat Pumps

• Check Refrigerant
• Adjust and Clean Tstat
• Lubricate all moving parts(if able)
• Check and tighten all loose connections
• Check and test safety controls
• Clean Drain line

• Check and clean Condenser Coils

• Check Amps on All Moving Components. And record them.

• Inspect Cooling Coil (if accessible)

• Make recommendations for system improvements


Cooling Season

• Inspect cooling coil (if accessible)
• Check & Clean primary and secondary drains
• Adjust blower components
• Clean and check condenser coil
• Lubricate all moving parts(if able)
• Check and tighten all loose connections
• Check operating pressures for refrigerant charge
• Monitor voltage and amperage draw on motors
• Clean and check thermostat
• Monitor air conditioning cycle
• Make recommendations for improvement


At Ac's Heating & Air LLC we strive to keep you and your family comfortable in your home. Ac's Heating & Air LLC. has earned a fine reputation for providing quality HVAC products and services. We pride ourselves on creating comfortable and healthy living environments.